Top Priorities

As a Board Member Jana has advocated for:

• Racial equity and accountability in the City Schools of Decatur

• Metrics to determine when it was safe to reopen schools

• Teachers to be included in the first round of vaccinations with other essential workers

• Administrative leave and full transparency during the investigation of the former superintendent

Top Priorities

Promote Continued Collaboration

Promote continued collaboration among community partners, local elected officials, and school personnel to ensure that positive student outcomes and responsible financial stewardship are at the forefront of decision-making.

Top Priorities

Advocate For Children

Ensure that all children are afforded opportunities to excel based on evidenced-based practices for optimal student outcomes.

Top Priorities

Identify Practical Solutions

Identify practical solutions for critical challenges including equitable education, student enrollment growth, and the recruitment and retention of diverse school administrators, teachers and staff, which are consistent with our community’s values.